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Brooklyn NY Pest Control Roaches Cockroaches

Brooklyn NY Pest Control Roaches Cockroaches
Brooklyn NY Pest Control Roaches Cockroaches

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Identifying and exterminating cockroaches as quickly as possible is important. Cockroaches are sneaky and hard to find which is bad because in addition to having an appetite for eating almost anything, including decaying food you might have in the trash, they also carry lots of germs that can lead to human health problems. Brown Banded Cockroaches in particular carry bacteria that can cause gastroenteritis and diarrhea. They can also trigger allergies and asthma attacks if left untreated.

For their size, cockroaches can be just about the most elusive pests that will invade your home. This is due to several reasons: first they are most active at night, preferring to feed in low light and complete darkness. Second, they will hide just about anywhere. Sure, there are the usual places including kitchen cabinets, under sinks, refrigerators and in closets but they’ve also been found in more obscure places. How obscure?

How about inside household electronics? Yes, inside; it is not unusual to find them in radios and clocks.

Of course, they can also be found under furniture, in attics, inside walls, under floorboards and more… the list goes on. So, how can you tell if you have these little insect ninja? Look for droppings which can appear to look like fine black pepper spread inside drawers, on counter tops or near cracks in walls.  We can identify it and start pointing you in the right direction, including a complete inspection to let you know exactly what kind of roach you have.

Different roaches invade different places. For example, Brown Banded Cockroaches which often invade homes, rarely invade restaurants, which seem to be the preferred choice of German Cockroaches. And either structure can be invaded by other types of cockroaches. The problem is different types of roaches react differently to different treatment methods; what works on one might have no effect on another. So before deciding on a course of action, make the decision to consult a professional and get an inspection. It will save you money in the long run.

For more information about getting rid of any roaches that may be in your home, contact us today.

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